Course Facilitators

Faculty Sponsor:

Prof. Holger Mueller: (Webpage)


Prof. Mueller is the faculty advisor for this course. His research centers on making measurement devices using matter wave interferometry. One such device will fly on a heavy-lifting drone to measure local gravity gradients for geophysical research.

Current Facilitators:

Jeremy Axelrod:

Jeremy is a Physics graduate student. He was a student in this DeCal the first semester it was offered in the Fall of 2011, and the following summer he earned his Private Pilot’s License flying out of KSIY in Montague, CA and KLMT in Klamath Falls, OR. He now flies out of KOAK (Oakland) as frequently as possible. He also has his instrument rating and tailwheel endorsement and enjoys aerobatics.

Previous Faculty Sponsors:

Dr. Jasenka Rakas: (Webpage)

Dr. Rakas is the deputy director of the UC Berkeley National Center of Excellence for Aviation Operations Research (NEXTOR) and its lead aviation researcher. She is the director of the Airport Systems Planning and Design Short Course and faculty in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. Dr. Rakas is a founder of the UC Berkeley Advanced Aviation Educational Program, the Airport Design Studio and the National Airspace System Infrastructure Conference.

Previous Facilitators:

Andrew Shacker:

Nick Williams:

Griffin Potrock:

Daniel Arnold:

Emily Stednitz:

Alexia Bass:

Orion Lyau:

Ryan Collins:

Jason Fry:

Howard Brown:

Austen Iverson:

Trevor Nesbitt:

Aaron Wienkers:

Ben Hightower:

Kevin Cheng:

Kevin was the founder of this class in 2011!